Fiscal Receipt printer

A fiscal printer (FP) is a specific type of the cash register that can operate only together with a personal computer. A fiscal printer is a receipt printer with fiscal memory. Thermal printers are generally used as they do not require an ink cartridge, have high printing speed and low level of noise. It has often got a built-in cutter to separate printed receipts from the cash ribbon. Fiscal memory contains all necessary information to be presented to the tax authorities. The protected electronic check ribbon is a significant component of the fiscal memory that can not be forged, reprinted or somehow changed in contrast to the conventional paper check ribbon. Some fiscal printers without protected electronic check ribbons are still in use but they are becoming less popular nowadays.

A fiscal printer is a unique device that makes cash control accounting more applicable and improves its quality.

The most common application is making POS-terminals based on personal computers with a monitor, a fiscal printer and a barcode scanner connected. This system is much more convenient than conventional cash registers for both cashiers and customers. The cashier can get full and up-to-date information on the goods and prices while the customer gets a receipt which shows not only the sum paid but also a description of goods, their weight and quantity.

Another application which has become more popular recently is making automatic cash desks based on payment terminals.

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