Honeywell 3800i Industrial linear-imaging scanner

  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 135 mm x 81 mm x 163 mm (5.3 in x 3.2 in x 6.4 in)
  • Weight : 213 g (7.5 oz)
  • Input Voltage : 4.5 – 14 VDC
  • Operating power : 1.2 W (235 mA @ 5 V); 1.7 W (142 mA @ 12 V)
  • Standby Power : 340 mW (68 mA @ 5 V); 590 mW (49 mA @ 12 V)
  • Host System Interfaces : USB, TTL level RS232, True RS232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx (RS485), Light Pen (Wand) Emulation
  • Operating Temperature : 30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature : -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
  • Environmental Sealing : IP54
  • Scan Pattern : Laser: Linear Image (CCD: 3648 pixels)
  • Scan speed : 270 scans per second
  • Drop : Designed to withstand 2.0 m (6.5 ft) drops
  • Motion Tolerance : 5 cm/s (2 in/s) with 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
  • Rugged Packaging : Can withstand 50, 2 m (6.5 ft) drops and constant -30°C (-22°F) temperatures. It’s also sealed to keep out dust, moisture, and other contaminants
  • Excellent Read Range : Imaging technology now extends the read range out to 208 cm (82 in) on linear codes, eliminating the need to reach and climb to scan barcodes
  • Easy to Use : True point-and-shoot, handheld ergonomics easily fits oversized gloved hands, while intuitive aiming means operators will become productive quickly
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The Honeywell 3800i (wired) industrial linear-imaging scanners let you scan at ranges up to 208 cm (82 in). The 3800i (wired) handheld industrial imagers are the first industrial class scanners to bring you Honeywell’s industry-leading imaging technology. This technology allows you to read barcodes at ranges up to 208 cm (82 in). In real-world applications, this extended read range means less climbing and reaching, and more operator productivity.

The 3800i scanner reads your barcode image and process its content 270 times per second. In a fraction of a second, the Honeywell digital image processor quickly and easily determines the data content and sends it to your host computer. Our proprietary technology quickly and securely identifies poor quality symbols, and still delivers snappy performance.

Shock absorbing rubber overmold on the case and a sealed optics module ensure this device will survive dozens of 2 m (6.5 ft) drops to concrete. Although we do not expect you to treat your scanner this way, we know it will survive many years of accidental abuse.





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