Honeywell Voyager 1200g

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1200g: 66 mm (3.0 in) X 180 mm (7.1 in) X 97 mm (3.8 in)
Weight : 1200g: 125 g (4.4 oz)
Input Voltage : 1200g: 5 V +/- 5%
OPERATING POWER : 1200g: 700mW; 140 mA (typical) @ 5V
Standby Power : 1200g: 0.45 W (90mA @ 5 VDC)
Battery 1200g: N/A
Host System Interfaces : 1200g: Multi-Interface / Includes RS232 (TTL +5V, 4 Signals) / KBW / USB (HID Keyboard, Serial, IBM OEM); RS-232C (+/-12V) and IBM RS485 supported via adapter cable
Environmental Sealing : IP42
Scan Pattern : Area Image (640 x 480 pixel array)

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MagellanĀ® 2200VS Vertical Scanner features OmegaTekā„¢ Productivity Technology with hardware and software innovations that improve the first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes. Offers best-in-class vertical scanning performance and software for improving POS productivity. With these and other great features, plus a very economical price-point, the Magellan 2200VS is the choice for vertical single-plane POS scanning.





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