supoin I2-B Industrial 2D wireless scanner

  • Capability of battery: 1600mAh
  • charging time: 4.5h
  • Depth of field : 40mm – 350mm
  • Interface : Built-in USB, PS2 keyboard, RS-232 serial port, USB-COM can be identified automatically.
  • Ultra-long distance transmission :Bluetooth communication mode, automatically modulates the frequency to reduce radio frequency interference from other wireless devices.
  • Convenient and Comfortable Handle :Fashionable and ergonomic design, comfortable grip making it convenient for the user to operate the scanner over many hours.
  • Widely Used and Easy to Set Up : Connect to any Bluetooth mobile phone, pad, computer, all IOS systems are supported, device connects without setting up Bluetooth pairing.
  • Strong Endurance : 1600mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery, the device can continuously run for more than 30 hours when fully charged or perform 400,000 scans.
  • Convenient and comfortable handle: Fashion and ergonomics design with convenient and comfortable handle doubles and boost the work efficiency.
  •  Industrial grade durability: IP54 industrial grade, solid and light body made of ABS + PC materials can bear the height of 4m dropping and ground impact.
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The Supoin I2-B adopts the CMOS image sensor in combination with Bluetooth connectivity defining the ultra-strong compatibility without the need of using wires. The device delivers industrial leading performance and durability in Retail, Commercial, Bank, Financial and other fields.

The scanner can be connected with any Bluetooth mobile phone, pad, computer, as all IOS systems are supported. The set up for Bluetooth pairing is not required. The I2-B is already broadly accepted in supermarkets, chain stores, shops, clothing stores, electronic ticketing and coupon scanning services, mobile payments and tax affairs applications.




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