Z band wristband

Patient Safety

Bar coded wristbands provide a convenient way to improve the accuracy of patient identification and treatment. It is however vital that wristbands remain both intact and readable/scannable during the patient’s stay. A wristband that doesn’t meet these criteria can jeopardise both patient safety and staff productivity.

The Z-Band Direct Thermal Wristband held in the HC100 cartridge features a more aggressive adhesive with an enhanced tab closure to ensure the wristband stays secure for the duration of the patients visit. This new closure, makes the wristbands easier to apply and also has tamper–evident slits for security purposes.

For more secure requirements the Z-Band Direct Thermal Wristbands are also available in a clip fastening option, the band must be cut off to be removed. A range of coloured clips are available to support visual alerts for allergies.
The easy to load cartridges for the HC100 contain our Z Band wristbands

The cartridges are available with adult, child or neonatal size wristbands.

Each cartridge is labeled with the wristband size, fastening type, colour and part number so you can easily see what wristband is in the printer.

More comfort, more durability

  • Z-Band Comfort is a softer alternative to the standard Z-Band Direct wristbands
  • Z-Band Comfort is softer and more flexible than the existing Z-Band Direct, and as such is more comfortable for patients with more delicate skin
  • Improved varnish gives the printed image superior resistance to hand sanitizers such as Purell® and other common healthcare solvents
  • Up to 50% more bands per roll than Z-Band Direct wristbands – fewer roll changes means greater efficiencies for healthcare staff
  • Z-Band Comfort wristbands have the same price per band as Z-Band Direct, so all these extra benefits come at no extra cost!
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