Aluminum Metal Tags

  • Super Strong Adhesive Ideal For Curved Surface Assets
  • For Indoor And Outdoor Applications
  • Anodized Number Reduces Abrasion Rub Off
  • Design Online or We Will Custom Print
  • Will Not Crack, Chip Or Peel
  • Instant Online Pricing
  • Superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals, solvents, and extreme temperatures.
  • High-contrast graphics produce easy-to-read labels.
  • Images are sealed beneath an anodic layer for increased durability and weather resistance.
  • Black graphics possess the greatest durability with expected exterior life up to 10 years. Color options are less UV-resistant and are not recommended for long-term outdoor use.
  • Flexible foil thickness works well on curved or uneven surfaces.
  • Label will fracture if removed from its mating surface, providing extra security.
  • Available as blanks, with static data, or with variable data such as sequential numbers, serial numbers and bar codes.
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• Aluminum foil labels are surface printed – so these are not as scratch or chemical resistant as our premium asset tag, AlumiGuard

• Foil is annealed for conformability.

• contact and give your logo and we’ll digitally print your custom design in multiple colors.


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