Foil metal tags

  • Material: .003″ thick matte anodized aluminum is standard. .005″ thick matte anodized aluminum is optional.
  • Standard Adhesive: .002″ thick acrylic adhesive that has a very high peel strength and provides excellent resistance to heat and chemicals. Optional adhesives available.
  • Label Copy:  Several font types are available for metal foil labels, as well as logos or other design elements.
  • Symbologies:  All common symbologies available, including code 3 of 9, I2 of 5, 128, Data matrix and QR codes.
  • Standard Sizes:  Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Environment: Mild, moderate and extreme. Resists extreme abrasions, solvents and temperatures.
  • Production Time: 7 work days (Black-Type, Black-Designed) 10 work days (Color-Designed)
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Foil metal tags are a durable, yet flexible solution that can be used in a wide range of settings and applications. Foil metal tags use a pressure-sensitive adhesive that permanently bonds to the surface, ensuring that the labels stay in place over time. This prevents problems such as intentional removal of labels for theft or unauthorized transfer, or labels that fall off or deteriorate over time, which complicates asset management. Foil metal tags can be customized with different fonts, logos and even colors to streamline asset tracking and reporting, suitable for use in multiple industries. Additional benefits of Foil metal tags include:

Durable construction. Foil metal tags are constructed of durable anodized aluminum, with images sealed beneath a protective layer to maintain readability for years to come. The estimated lifespan of Camcode’s foil labels is 20-plus years.
Resistance to chemicals and abrasives. Custom foil labels have excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents, extreme heat or cold, and even UV, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Automated inventory control and maintenance management. Foil metal tags can include scannable bar codes, enabling the precise control of inventory counts, and creating an efficient flow of products through your organization. Foil metal tags also help to provide streamlined reporting and monitoring of maintenance history to keep your assets in working order.
Cost reductions. Properly labeled assets are less likely to be stolen or transferred without authorization. Precise location control over assets also means you can schedule use across multiple departments, reducing the need to purchase duplicate assets. In addition, regular maintenance monitoring and tracking using Foil metal tags can reduce repair and replacement costs. All of these things lead to cost reductions and boost your bottom line.

foil tags used areas:

  • Healthcare.
  • Education.
  • Government.
  • Manufacturing.