IDP SMART-70 High Performance ID Card Printer

SMART-70 Series Printer Modules

  1. Input Hopper
  2. Printer
  3. Hybrid Flipper
  4. Laminator
  5. Output Hopper
  6. Laser Engraver

SMART-70 Series Flexibility

  • Single-sided Printing
  • Single-sided Printing & Laminating
  • Dual-sided Printing, Encoding
  • Dual-sided Printing, Encoding & Laminating
  • Single sided Multi-Printing / Dual-sided Multi-Printing, Laminating & Encoding
  • Standalone Laminating
  • Dual Sided Laser Engraving & Printing


  • Multiple Hopper system designed to fit the SMART-70 Series
  • Up to 6 Selectable Hoppers
  • 300 or 500 Cards Refillable Cartridge
  • Up to 6 Different type cards loading
  • Full Metal structure

Multiple Hopper system designed to fit the SMART-70 Series.
Multiple hopper system for SMART-70 is designed to fit the needs of large capacity with high efficiency for Kiosk operation.
From minimum 2 to maximum 6 large capacity 500 cards hoppers can be used depending on the user environment. Monochrome ribbon supports up to 3000 prints minimizing maintenance cost and time and up to 3000 cards loadable hoppers with 6 different types on each hopper will maximize the efficiency of Kiosk application.
Advantage of SMART-70’s unique full modular design makes it possible to add Encoding module and Laminating module.
Full metal structure of the multiple hopper system is ideal for high volume issuance environment.

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High-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements.

500 cards can be continuously printed, laminated and encoded on various cards.
SMART-70 consists of 6 different modules (Input Hopper, Printer, Hybrid Flipper, Laminator, Output Hopper, Laser Engraver) that can be configured in various combinations according to different customer requirements. Required modules can be easily added to extend functions depending on your needs.




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