IDP SMART-70X Laser Engraver ID Card Printer

Laser Engraver for ID Cards

SMART-70X is a laser engraver module of IDP’s SMART-70 Series ID card printer.

Equipped with laser engraving capability, SMART-70X is a perfect solution for instant personalization of secure cards in an environment where the maximum level of security is required.

With the unique modular concept of SMART-70 Series, SMART-70X can be used as a stand-alone laser engraver or with other SMART-70 modules such as SMART-70 direct-to-card printer, Laminator, Hybrid Flipper, Output hopper.
SMART-70x Printer Modules (Easily Upgradable, No need for Tools or IT technician, Just connect each station and synchronize)

  1. Input Hopper
  2. Printer
  3. Laser Engraver
  4. Hybrid Flipper
  5. Laminator
  6. OutputHopper
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High-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements.


  • Stand-alone Single or Dual-sided Laser Engraving of Text, Images & Security features
  • Magnetic, Contact & Contactless encoder Installable
  • Micro Text
  • MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) Text
  • CLI (Changeable Laser Image)
  • Tactile Effect
  • High Volume Input & Output Hopper, Color & Mono Printing (as optional modules)
  • >Air Cleaning System (Option)
  • >Eco-Friendly Low Power Consumption
  • Full Modular Design




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