SLX 9850 Extreme router


SLX 9850-4

  • Interface module slots 4
  • Management module slots 2
  • Power supply module slots 6
  • Fan module slots
  • Switch fabric module slots 6
  • Maximum 100 GbE ports 144
  • Maximum 40 GbE ports 240
  • Maximum 10 GbE ports 960 1,
  • Maximum 1 GbE ports 288
  • Switch fabric capacity (up to) 115 Tbps
  • Management module redundancy 1:1
  • Switch fabric module redundancy N+1 N+1
  • Airflow Front to back
  • Typical AC power consumption (W) 4,1772 8,
  • Maximum AC power consumption (W) 5,947
  • Maximum thermal output (BTU/HR) 19,465
  • Height (inches/centimeters/rack units) 17.50 in./44.45 cm/10 RU
  • Width (inches/centimeters) 17.22 in./43.74 cm
  • Depth chassis only without ejector or fan handles
    (inches/centimeters) 30.0 in./76.20 cm
  • Weight chassis only (pounds/kilograms) 107 lb/49 kg
  • Weight chassis with all modules (pounds/kilograms) 303 lb/138 kg

Extreme Management Center for
Insights, Visibility and Control

The SLX family of switches and routers, including SLX
9850 can be managed by Extreme Management Center
(XMC). XMC includes a suite of applications, empowering
administrators to deliver a superior quality experience to
end users through a single pane of glass and a common set
of tools to provision, manage and troubleshoot the network.
It works across wired and wireless networks, from the edge
to the data center and private cloud.
XMC provides a consolidated view of users, devices and
applications for wired and wireless networks – from data
center to edge. Zero touch provisioning lets one quickly
bring new infrastructure online. A granular view of users,
devices and applications with an easy to understand
dashboard enables efficient inventory and network
topology management.
XMC also provides ecosystem integration, includes off the
box integrations with major enterprise data center virtual
environments such as VMWare, OpenStack and Nutanix
to provide VM visibility and enforce security settings. Get
more information on Extreme Management Center.

Extreme Global Services

Extreme Global Services has the expertise to help
organizations build scalable, efficient cloud infrastructures.
Leveraging 20 years of expertise in storage, networking,
and virtualization, Extreme Global Services delivers worldclass professional services, technical support, and education
services, enabling organizations to maximize their Extreme
investments, accelerate new technology deployments, and
optimize the performance of networking infrastructures.

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ExtremeRouting™ SLX 9850

Next-Generation Modular Routing Platform for the Digital Era
With mobile connectivity, cloud services, and 4K HD video streaming
for billions of devices the norm, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and
augmented reality and virtual reality on the horizon, organizations must
modernize the way they communicate and conduct business. In addition
to consuming an enormous amount of network capacity, these services
increase operational complexity just as organizations are striving to meet
customer demands for greater business agility and performance.
To succeed in the digital era, organizations need network platforms that
allow them to simplify and speed up operations, without increasing
costs. Such platforms incorporate innovative software to analyze and
automate network operations, thereby reducing OpEx, and provide flexible
deployment options with forwarding performance and scale to dramatically
reduce CapEx.

Extensible Routing Platform

The ExtremeRouting SLX 9850 is designed to cost-effectively deliver the
density, scale, and performance needed to address the explosive growth in
network bandwidth, devices, and services—today and well into the future.
This flexible platform, powered by Extreme SLX-OS, provides carrier-class
advanced features that leverage proven Extreme routing technology
currently deployed in the most demanding data center, service provider,
and enterprise networks. And it is all delivered through best-in-class
forwarding hardware. The extensible architecture is designed for investment
protection, to readily support future requirements for greater bandwidth,

High Availability with
230 Tbps-scale Forwarding

The SLX 9850 is the industry’s most powerful IPv4, IPv6,
MPLS/Multi-VRF and BGP-EVPN data center router,
providing a cost-efficient solution that is purpose-built
for the most demanding service provider and enterprise
data center applications. The robust system architecture,
versatile feature set, and high level of flexibility enable it to
scale from the data center spine to the data center core.
Designed with state-of-the-art network processing
technology, the SLX 9850 has a non-blocking switching
capacity of up to 230 Tbps. An advanced distributed
hardware architecture with fine-grained QoS support
enables full-duplex, high-speed performance for any
mix of IPv4, IPv6, MPLS and BGP-EVPN VXLAN Overlay
services. This innovative system architecture offers several
distinguishing characteristics:

  • Clos-based distributed non-blocking architecture:
    Provides the foundation for a robust, scalable data
    center platform.
  • Midplane-free design: Allows interface modules to
    communicate directly with switch fabric modules,
    enabling the chassis to have an efficient front-to-back
    airflow design and no signal integrity degradation.
  • High-availability implementation: Provides a clear
    separation between the control plane and data plane at
    10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) speed to enable operational
    performance at high loads.
  • Distributed network processing, ultra-deep packet
    buffers, and advanced QoS capabilities across the
    system: Streamlines execution of a rich feature set at
    high data rates, even for bursty or long-lived traffic flows.
  • Complete redundancy: Features a fully redundant
    architecture with redundant power supply modules,
    management modules, fan modules, and switch fabric
    modules to minimize single points of failure.
  • The SLX 9850 is available in two different models: the
    SLX 9850-4, a four interface-slot system, and the SLX
    9850-8, an eight interface-slot system. Management
    modules, interface modules, and power supply modules
    are interchangeable across both the four- and eight-slot
    models, thereby decreasing inventory and maintenance
    costs. All modules are hot-pluggable, minimizing system
    disruption when adding or replacing a module.


Extreme Networks


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