Asset Tracking System

Standard Modules of Asset Tracking System

  • Master Creation Module
  • Asset creation Module
  • Asset movement
  • Asset audit
  • Asset maintenance
  • Asset Barcode Printing
  • Asset disposal
  • Reporting
    • Pivot report
    • Asset Depreciation  report


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asset tracking management
Asset Tracking System allows you to inventory your fixed assets quickly and accurately. ATS provides a wide range of process with a user friendly interactive way. The ATS covers the entire spectrum starting from asset creation, barcode printing, labeling the assets, allocating custodian, auditing, till generating reports.


  • Increase asset reliability through scheduled maintenance.
  • Reports ready for Auditor visits.
  • Complete accuracy in Depreciation and financial reporting.
  • Integration to third party application on demand

Key Features

  • Track an unlimited number of assets.
  • Print barcodes for your assets, or use existing barcodes to identify your assets.
  • Issue Asset to custodian and maintain the asset transfer record.
  • Track asset with asset auditing.
  • Pocket PC application for easy tracking asset, issuing asset, transferring asset, auditing asset and more..
  • User Customizable reporting tool.

System Specification

  • Publisher – DSTME
  • OS Comaptibility – Windows 7 and above
  • Deployment Architecture – Microsoft ClickOnce
  • Programing platform & Language – .Net\ C#
  • Current Version – V8.1.1.9


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